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"Find the quiet, forgotten stories and share them carefully, loudly, and well."

Sam Ferrante is an editor, content creator, and poet born on Long Island, college-fed in Western New York and Paris, and then poetically raised in Buffalo, NY, Ireland, and Australia. She received her MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Butler University in 2020. Her thesis, No More Odes to My Mouth, received the 2020 First-Book Scholarship from Gasher Journal. Sam currently works right between the marketing and development departments at an English literacy nonprofit based in Indianapolis, IN.


Sam has collaborated with authors, poets, non-fiction writers, and even playwrights to polish and produce works in an editorial capacity across the globe. In 2013, she began transferring those skills into the digital marketing world and now works with businesses to craft strategic, compelling social media campaigns that work. With over a decade of experience in pulling the story out of her clients, she's always ready for a new project.

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