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Welcome to the DIY MFA page!

Updated: Jan 27

I went on thesis at Butler University's MFA program at the beginning of the year. I set up my own thesis plan that includes reading a poem and some prose everyday, in addition to a daily writing practice.

The intention of this blog is just to link to all of the poems as I read them. I'll include a few quick thoughts on what that poem got ME thinking about that day, but this is not in any way supposed to be an attempt (let alone a successful attempt) at comprehensive critical analysis.

Sometimes, you just have to read the poem.

I think these are useful and relevant for any poet. You can't write in the world without being of the world. I'll also be including craft essays, interviews, and prose pieces as I stumble upon them.

Keep writing, y'all. The world is aflame; let's write as much as we can before everything's ash.


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